Kids tank decorating contest

For Ceacich Aquatics 2nd Annual Fish Swap we will be introducing something we have never attempted before. We are going to host a kids (12 and under) tank decorating contest. By decorating, we mean painting the tank with acrylic paint, which is water soluble, and easy to clean up.

The contest will start at 11:15am, so please arrive when the doors open at 11:00 to get checked in.

We are limiting the entries to 15 children. To sign your child up for the contest email us at There will be NO registration at the event, you must be signed up beforehand.

The cost of this event to enter your child is free.

We will be providing everything needed, however with 15 children going at the same time, supplies will be limited. If you can bring your own supplies that would be great! We will have stencils, paint, paintbrushes and aprons. If you bring your own paint, please ensure it is acrylic paint to ensure we leave the venue in the same condition as we left it.

The contest will wrap up at 11:45am and judging will take place at that time.

There will be special prizes awarded to the best artwork!