CEACich (sea•sick) Aquatics, a non-profit entity, seeks to connect the hobbyist with world-class local, regional, national, and international suppliers of aquatic life and equipment. CEACich derives its name from Corals, Exotics, and African Cichlids. We have have grown what once started out as a facebook group, into a true ichthyological club. We welcome the discussion of all aquatic life. A place for like-minded individuals to explore, learn, and enjoy. We support all efforts to preserve endemic species. According to Le Cren (1990), the biology of the vast majority of the 22000 or so known fish species (which comprise 50% of all living vertebrates) is virtually unknown. The greatest number and variety of fish occur in the oldest freshwater lakes, wetlands and river systems of the tropics and subtropics, and in the waters surrounding coral reefs. Since available information suggests that in some parts of the world about one-third of the local fish species may be threatened, their conservation presents a massive challenge. We believe that single-species conservation is important, but less relevant than the conservation of fish communities and their habitats. The conservation of whole ecosystems must be the long-term goal of fish conservationists. Our current board of directors and officers can be found here.